Face of alleged 'Cow Killer' BJP leader blackened..death of 200 cows

Raipur:After arrest, there were further problems for the BJP leader Harish Verma. Black ink was thrown at him and his face smeared, allegedly by members of the Chhatisgarh Youth Congress on Saturday. Accused of negligence that resulted in deaths of over 200 cows at his ‘Gaushala’, he was arrested on Friday. Reports suggest that cows died because of starvation and lack of medicines.

On backfoot Verma has alleged that state government had not allocated money for his ‘gaushala’ despite repeated requests. “My cow shelter is overcrowded. There are more than 650 cows against the capacity of 220. I had intimated the government many a time that I am not able [to] feed them, but all went in vain. More than Rs. 10 lakh meant for the cow shelter is pending with the government and they have not granted it till now. I am not guilty for the deaths,” Verma had said.