Exit Polls Result: Assam goes with BJP, Tamil Nadu and Kerala seek change

The exit poll result for five states has indicated clearly that Congress reduced to a tiny bleep. Mamata Banerjee is all set to register victory in West Bengal and the BJP is expected to win Assam. The Left party is likely to win back Kerala while the DMK is expected to take Puducherry. However, the picture is not yet clear for Tamil Nadu and it will keep everyone guessing untill may May 19, according to exit poll results' released on Monday.

According to exit polls, it is going to be a big win for BJP in Assam and the party is likely to win its first North Eastern state.

The poll of polls - which aggregates different exit polls - indicates the BJP and its allies get 73 of a possible 126 seats.

Exit poll for Bengal shows Mamata Banerjee getting 184 of a possible 294 seats, giving her another big win.

Aggregated exit polls for Kerala clearly show the Left taking back the state from the Congress, with 79 of a possible 140 seats.

Tamil Nadu seems to have maintained its record of according alternate terms to its two leading players. Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is reduced to 103 seats, with the DMK and Congress coalition ahead at 120 according to aggregated results.

For the Congress, the only hope appears to be in Puducherry, where the party is set to win the state in alliance with the DMK.