Exclusive Interview with Arjun Rampal!

New Delhi: Known for his versatility and magnificent acting, Arjun Rampal is one of the most renowned actors in the Indian cinema. Always dominating the cinema with explicit acting by playing all kinds of unique roles, Arjun will be seen donning in gangster turned politician avatar this time! Arun Gawli, who is titled as 'Daddy', was considered the Robin Hood after he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 by proving guilty of murdering a Shiv Sena leader.

The trailer of 'Daddy' has given us a glimpse of rigorous hard work and unrecognizable resemblance with Gawli of Arjun. The seriousness and powerful look of Arjun is already creating a fire. The rawness of the reality is what one is seeking from the movie! Since, Arjun Rampal had joined us for the promotion of his upcoming movie 'Daddy' with the filmmaker,  Ashim Ahluwalia and leady lady, Aishwarya, here is an except the interview:

1. Tell us something about the movie 'Daddy'?

To start with, it is absolutely raw. It is happening for the first time in India that a biopic of a real-life gangster will be put forth. There is no glamour, no fakeness in the movie. We made sure not to make anything seem unreal. To be precise, even the recognized actors and people in the movie won't be recognized, we have pushed it so much to make it look real. No item numbers, no compromise has been made to spoil the essence of the movie,

2. Did you get enough support from everyone?

Yes, Of course. You wouldn't believe but even the policemen told us tales about him and gave us 100 percent support. Be it family or people in his life, we got full fledged support and everyone helped us.

3. Have you met Arun Gowli yet?

Yes, i recently did and since he is not very well updated with ongoing Bollywood talks or movies, he couldn't even say my name properly but it was really nice to see him. I have got in the skin of the character and have spent time with him to know how to carry myself. It is only in this movie that people would also know 'Dagri Chowk' in Mumbai, it is going to be historical.

4. How do you feel about this? Honestly, I consider myself luckiest to be able to do this. I put the pieces together, wrote the script myself and presented it to Ashim, and it was just sudden that we both decided to work on it. Gathering 40 years in 2 years was really difficult but we have done our best. Having had his consent, the movie is very human. 

Daddy is slated to release on July 21, 2017.