Exclusive: Here's how Anand Kumar reacted after watching 'Super 30'

Exclusive: Here's how Anand Kumar reacted after watching 'Super 30'

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, July 13: Hrithik Roshan starrer 'Super 30' released nationwide today. Helmed by Vikas Bahl, 'Super 30' is based on the life of a Bihar based mathematician Anand Kumar. Notably, Anand helped as many as 30 smart and underprivileged students to prepare for the Indian Institutes of Technology's entrance exam.  

As the film released today, brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar in an exclusive interaction with New 24 shared his excitement. Anand talking about his biopic said that he is very happy with the film. Talking about the film he said that the film will reveal many unknown facts about his life.

The film features as many as 10 artists from Patna and they are receiving praises from all over for their superb performances in the film.

Recently, a report surfaced that Patna-based educationist and founder of the 'Super 30' programme Anand is suffering from brain tumour. Kumar, whose life is the subject of the new Hrithik Roshan-starrer "Super 30", has opened up about his battle with acoustic neuroma, a non-cancerous tumour.

In an interview with a wire agency, Kumar said that trouble began in 2014 when he was "unable to hear" in his right ear. Tests revealed nearly 90 per cent of his hearing ability in the ear had been destroyed.

Kumar then got himself checked at Delhi's Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. "They told me I had no issues with my ear. Instead, a tumour had developed in the nerve that runs from ear to brain," he recalled.

Due to his health conditions, Kumar, who is currently on medication, wanted his biopic to be completed as soon as possible. Kumar recalled that the film's writers requested him to give permission to start work on the project as soon as possible. "You have no idea of life and death, so I wanted this biopic to be made while I was alive," he added.

Talking about the film, he had earlier told IANS: "Hrithik is a huge star and has a global reach. So, I believe people will get to know the essence of my life in detail now."