Exciting new updates in PUBG Season 7

New Delhi, May 19: Popular online game PUBG has officially begun its seventh season. With this the Season 7 Royale Pass has also arrived.

Even before the new PUBG has been launched, it has been leaked by YouTuber 'Mr GhostGaming'. 

The seventh of PUBG will go live with 0.12.5 update and new features will include the usual gun skins, costumes and accessories, and so on. A new parachute and airplane trails have also been added, but technically, they do not have any practical use.

The update, which is yet to reach India, will have another new feature is the form of EZ Mission License, which allows players to unlock and play challenges a week in advance.

This feature also lets you skip 10 mission requirements for Week 8 to earn the elite chest.

The update will be available on the Play Store, Samsung's Galaxy Store, and the App Store. The size of the updated seventh season is 219.60MB and 283.98MB for Android and iOS respectively.

According to the leak, the updated version will include avatar frames, 'Skorpion' gun, the smoke trail feature, avatar customisations, flight and parachute trail rewards along with AKM, Kar 98K, M4, UZI, level 1 and level 3 helmets and level 1 backpack skins.

Find some of the biggest changes which you will find in the updated version below.

1. New Royale Pass:  The PUBG Update 0.12.5 will include a new Royale Pass for Season 7. 

This will allow players access to exclusive outfits, emotes, additional rewards and a new EZ Mission License.

2. New Weapon: The Skorpion single-fire and semi-automatic machine pistol can be used in all PUBG Mobile maps. 

It will rip apart enemies with 9mm rounds and five attachment slots.

3. Extra server: The new update will have a new official server for players in the Middle East which will offer reduced lag.

4. Rare Skins: These will allow players to customize their avatars with three exclusive new parachutes, clothing, aeroplane skins and more.

5. Gameplay improvements: The new version will feature a host of in-game updates including subscription adjustments, a new BP category tab for the shop, tuned audio and more.

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