Eva Mendes adjusts price of clothing line according to mother

Los Angeles:  Actress Eva Mendes adjusts the price of her clothing line according to her mother. The "Place Beyond the Pines" actress uses her sisters as "guinea pigs" for her eponymous clothing line while she knows she can always rely on her mother to keep things grounded, reports people.com. "My sisters are definitely my guinea pigs and then my mom always keeps me grounded," Mendez said. "I will be like, 'Mom what do you think about this jacket for $79?' And she's like, 'Too much!' I'm like, mom it's $79 for a beautiful coat!' Sometimes we adjust it according to my mom's opinion," Mendes added. But it isn't just the opinion of her mother that is important to the 42-year-old actress, who has daughters Amada and Esmeralda with partner and actor Ryan Gosling, as she knows the value of listening to her customers. "We average a collection every six weeks so we're just constantly making adjustments and really paying attention to what the customer wants. "It's so important to read all the comments and really listen to the customer," she said. IANS