EU imposes new sanctions on North Korea

Brussels: The European Union (EU) on Monday imposed new sanctions on North Korea in line with the UN Security Council's resolution adopted after a ballistic missile launch.

According to the European Council (EC), the new sanctions include further restrictions on material transactions, new export and import bans and restrictions on North Korean diplomats' real estate and bank accounts in the EU, Efe news reported.

"Like existing sanctions, these restrictive measures are designed in such a way as to avoid adverse humanitarian consequences for the country's civilian population," said an EC statement.

It added that the sanctions "include exemptions for livelihood and humanitarian purposes, where appropriate".

Scientific and technological cooperation with teams that include North Koreans or are officially backed by the state are also to be suspended, except in medical exchanges.

The new measures will also give EU member states legal permission to prevent North Korean citizens from accessing training or education that could contribute to the country's nuclear and ballistic missiles programme.

"The existing measures implement all Security Council resolutions adopted in response to North Korea's nuclear tests and launches using ballistic missile technology and include additional EU autonomous measures," the EC said.

The Security Council's resolution was adopted on November 30, 2016, after a successful nuclear test was announced by Pyongyang on September 9.

On February 12, North Korea launched a ballistic missile, violating that resolution and several others.