Eternal Love Story of Nargis and Sunil Dutt!

Some people believe in love at first sight, while some get to have their love at first sight. Something similar happened when Sunil Dutt met Nargis for the first time! 


Sunil fell in love with the beautiful actress as soon as he saw her, however, refrained from his feelings  as he wanted to establish himself in the industry. Their love story is what fairytales are made of! They're nothing of an inspiration! Let's rewind: 


When they first Met 

Firstly, Nargis and Sunil Dutt came from very different backgrounds when they first met each other. Nargis was the daughter of Mohan Babu and Jaddanbai, and Sunil was the son of a Punjabi land-owning family, settled in India from Pakistan. The two actors met on the sets of Do Bigha Zameen. At that time, Sunil Dutt was an aspiring actor and student while Nargis was already an established star. She was also known as Raj Kapoor's ladylove, thus Sunil's aspirations were kind of squashed. Sunil decided to keep calm and wait till time tells him to approach Nargis. After waiting for some time, love finally knocked Dutt’s door.


Her troubled Past 

During this time, the love story of Nargis and Raj Kapoor went from reel life to real life. Raj Kapoor was a married man and also a father of five. However, that didnt stop Nargis from signing all the RK productions movies. She was also ready to be the second wife to Raj Kapoor. This sadly didn't work out well for Nargis as Raj left her heartbroken. After the break-up, Nargis was totally into depression. She was longing for love and commitment.



How they fell in love 

Then came Mother India. It was during Mehboob Khan’s movie, Mother India, that Sunil Dutt and Nargis came closer. She was healing from the deep wounds of a tumultous relationship with Raj Kapoor, his attention provided the much needed balm. He was the complete opposite Raj Kapoor. While Raj was boisterous, ill-tempered and erratic, forever sleeping around with Foreign women, Sunil Dutt was the calm, caring, attentive and loyal husband.

He was quoted saying, "I never knew there was a romance. The only thing I knew was that she came into my life. I was not concerned about her past. I know these questions arise. But I am concerned about the person who comes in my life; what matters from that day on is how true the person is to me. The past is nothing to me."

Sunil Dutt was happy to know that he would be working with the love of his life. The two expressed their love for each other on the sets of Mother India. Somewhere, during this period, there was fire on the sets of the movie, and Sunil like a true hero, didn't care about his life while saving the life of Nargis, who was right in the middle of the fire. And, she was impressed. Sunil suffered burns and was in high fever when Nargis took care of him day and night. From this time, they both came closer and started sharing a lot of things. Nargis began to care for his family as if they were her own. 




Happily Ever After 

Sunil and Nargis got married secretly in 1958 and then announced the news to their closed ones. They celebrated their big day with a wedding reception with their close friends from the industry in attendance. They went on to having three children together - Sanjay, Namrata and Priya. They loved each other and supported each other immensly. 

Sunil stated in an interview, "I found in her a human being and a woman who would take care of my family. I found in my wife both compassion and understanding.”

Years later, Nargis was detected with cancer, and went through a lot of treatments for many years. Sunil was always by her side during her struggle. He even took her to America for the treatment. However, she could not win her battle against cancer and died on May 3, 1981.