To escape fine, a speeding car knocks the policeman who is now struggling with life

Deepak Dubey, Oct 17: Those driving car on roads seems to be berserk, at least as far as Mumbai and its neighbouring areas are concerned. Many such incidents have been reported of late. The latest comes about an incident where a traffic policeman was knocked by a speeding car as the policeman Mahadev Hazare tried to stop the car because he was not wearing a seat-belt.And just to escape fine of a few hundred rupees the reckless driver care less for a precious life. The incident occurred in the second week of October at around 7.30 in the evening. A white swift car did not stop at the traffic policeman Mahadev Hazare tried to stop it. The driver was not wearing the seat belt. When the policemen gave the gesture of stopping the driver in the white swift sped away. He was so keen to speed past the policeman that all of a sudden he increased the speed of the car and did not stop. When the policeman came towards him he just sped past the policeman thereby knocking him. The traffic policeman's body swung in the air and twisted before banging with a loud thud on the floor.The policeman is in a hospital and is undergoing treatment. The police are still in the search out of the man who fled in the white car.