Enough introspection, Congress needs action: Digvijay Singh

New Delhi: A day after he called for a "major surgery" in the party after its losses in assembly polls, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh said on Friday that the party needs to act now as "enough introspection" has been done after the 2014 Lok Sabha debacle.


"Now, whatever introspection had to happen has happened. What we need now is action, and that action has to be decided by the president (Sonia Gandhi) and vice president (Rahul Gandhi)," he told a television channel.


Singh's comments came a day after Sonia Gandhi talked of introspection following the debacle in Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Singh said the party leadership had taken the feedback post-2014 and hoped that a roadmap had been prepared.


"Whatever I had to say and other thousands of people had to say, they have given their suggestions to the party which have been sifted. Hopefully, they have planned a roadmap.


"So when I talk about surgery, it is the surgeon who has to decide the surgery he or she wants to do," he added.


Singh had on Thursday called for a major surgery in the Congress after its electoral defeat.


While the Congress lost power in Kerala and Assam, it fared miserably in Tamil Nadu and failed to click in West Bengal. Its sole consolation came in Puducherry where along with the DMK it captured power.


Singh said he had confidence in Sonia Gandhi's and Rahul Gandhi's leadership.


In fact, Digvijaya Singh was not the first to record his dissatisfaction with the way things were in the grand old party.


Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said yesterday that the time for introspection is now past. "Time for action has come It is time to move and it is time to make some visible changes that the world and the country can see because for a couple of years after 2014, the process for consideration, reflection, introspection and so on has been taking place. It is now time for the leadership to draw out the conclusion from their introspection and take necessary action.


Meanwhile, Congress’ reply to the party veteran was that they need surgery, not introspection. The party said: "Surgery is not the first step, we need to explore all options. All suggestions will be discussed at the Working Committee meeting."


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