'Ennul Aayiram' will break myths around first-timer projects: Maha

Chennai: Forthcoming Tamil thriller "Ennul Aayiram" features a host of newcomers and its lead actor Maha, son of veteran Tamil actor Delhi Ganesh, says the film will break myths usually associated with a project featuring first-timers.

"Just three minutes into the film, I can say confidently that audiences won't find this to be the work of a team of newcomers. The way the story is treated and the natural performances of the actors make this film a cut above the rest," Maha, who is getting launched through the film, told IANS.

"A film starring newcomers is usually looked down upon and never given its due, even if it deserves it. We are hopeful that our film will change that mentality," he said.

Directed by Kishore Kumar, a former associate of director A.L. Vijay, the film is about the journey of a 25-year old and the various problems he encounters.

"It's a story that every youngster will easily relate to. I couldn't have asked for a better debut, because this is a story with a lot of scope for performance and I saw it as an opportunity to prove myself," he said, adding that he was under tremendous pressure to be launched by his father.

"Since this was our home production, I was under a lot of pressure, more so because of the responsibilities that came with the project," he said, and added that it was never predetermined that his father will turn producer with the project.

"Nobody was willing to launch my son," said Delhi Ganesh, who was turned down by a very popular producer.

"I remember approaching a leading producer, who was very happy to see me. When I told him I'd like to launch my son, he showed no sign of interest to even continue the conversation, and it eventually made me realize that I have to back my son," he said.

Happy with the way the film has shaped, Ganesh is confident about its success.

In "Ennul Aayiram", which also stars Marina Micahel and Vincent Asokan, Maha works in a five star hotel.