Engineering graduate takes to drugs .... turns to crime to fund addiction

Delhi Crime

New Delhi, July 22: The following account is a warning to all youngsters to stay away from drugs.

Despite earning a diploma in mechanical engineering, Aakash, a 22-year-old from west Delhi, took to crime to finance his drug addiction.

Working at his brother’s internet services business during the day, Aakash used to steal vehicles at night.

He had roped in a friend named Deepak as his partner in crime. The duo used to supply the stolen vehicles to their contacts in Delhi and Meerut.

However, the old proverb - crime never pays - was soon destined to ring true for them.

The Delhi Police, who had launched a crackdown on criminals in Dwarka district, received a tipoff that two suspects had ben spotted in Shiv Vihar.

A raid was conducted, during which the two suspects were flagged down while riding a stolen white scooter. The duo attempted to flee but were nabbed after a chase.

An FIR was registered after the scooter’s records revealed that it was stolen.  

The two of them were interrogated, following which they led the police to a house where they had stored five more stolen bikes. 

They also revealed that they were trying to steal a new Bullet motorcycle as per the demands of their contacts.

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