Sasikala may surrender today..Sasikala cries while addressing MLAs

Chennai: AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala may surrender  in Bengaluru on Wednesday following the Supreme Court judgement on Tuesday, AIADMK sources said. Earlier on Tuesday, she urged party cadres not to fear anybody and her thoughts will also be about them wherever she would be.

In a televised speech to the MLAs, Sasikala said she "will always think about the party." She added, "No force can separate me from the AIADMK. No matter where I will be, I will always think about (my) party." "Courts can incarcerate me (physically) but no one can imprison my mind," she said. "Only I can be jailed, not the care or concern I have for this party. Wherever I will be, my thoughts will be here," an emotional Sasikala added..

Returning to the Poes Garden residence of late Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa from the beach resort on Tuesday night she urged the party cadres not to fear anybody.

"The case (DA) was filed by DMK, so I'll handle it. You (MLAs) have to remain resolute and make sure people question DMK's existence," she added.

She said on her return the AIADMK government's rule will be established in Tamil Nadu. "For me, to form government, to set up Amma's memorial, you should remain united," she said. Sasikala expressed hope that the invitation from Governor C Vidyasagar Rao (asking Palaniswami to form the government) would come soon, if the cadres remained patient. "I'm sure we'll get the invitation as soon as possible," Sasikala added.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday derailed Sasikala's political career even before take-off by upholding her conviction for corruption along with two relatives and Jayalalitha.The apex court has confirmed the four-year jail term to Sasikala and two of her relatives.The apex court upheld that Sasikala cannot contest elections for 10 years, including the four years that she spend in jail. She was fined Rs 10 crore.