Ekta Kapoor on her success!

Ekta Kapoor has truly defined what being powerful is all about. More than 100 different television programs across 5 languages and as many as 31 films till 2017.  About 60 crores of Indian population is watching her television series. For us, she is the most popular woman around. However, in her perception, how do you think Ekta Kapoor emerged as one of the most powerful Indian women? 



In her own words, she explains the way she has succeeded:

We have a lot of complaints and accusations from pluralists like television is regressive, pulls you down to basic sensibility but actually its traditional not regressive. Boston Research Company did its independent research and found that Indian television during the years from 2003-2007 was highly watched, women started emulating their popular characters on TV and had voice in family discussions which used to be a man’s domain. It kind of established a norm. And I think that more than any TRP or any other professional achievement could be the biggest achievement. Also there were reports that after many tragic incidents, people were watching a lot of television at that time to get over the immense pain that they went through. TV was a source of entertainment but also an escape that helped them. And today also I think TV and Films are voices to communicate. Now with Balaji Motion Pictures and different section of audience altogether, it’s interesting to communicate with so many people at one time.

On what has been her business mantra:  You have to be overall aware of the jobs your profession is creating, of the repercussions of having an ego in a profession like yours. Your creativity is constantly in question because everyone else is in the opinion after you put in the money. In the end you have to decide what is bigger your ego or your product.

You are credited with single-handedly changing the way India spends its evenings. What's been your motivation: My mother, always! I have had a lot of support from my dad for investing in my company but my mom almost gave her life to us. After being a star wife, to producer and handling the economy of the business so well. I think my inspiration was her because I would see what she liked watching, I would see her responses. She was demography, very traditional yet forward thinking. She became ‘Tulsi and Parvati’ for me.

Lastly, what she would like to change about the entertainment industry: I think we are way bigger risk takers than any other manufacturing, real estate or any other company but the weightage of cultivated talent as compared to any other industry is relatively low. We don’t have enough acting schools, or talent management, or skill growth schools. We are not accepted in colleges as a subject of study which should be because it can definitely be another arm of profession. I think when that happens, films will have a lot more talent, and dependency only on a certain amount of people will be much lesser.