Ed Sheeran says 'Love yourself' would've suited Rihanna

Los Angeles, March 9 (IANS) Singer Ed Sheeran says that the song "Love yourself" that he penned for Grammy winning singer Justin Bieber, would have suited singer Rihanna more.

The 26-year-old thinks the song would have suited Rihanna more as she could get away with raunchier lyrics such as "you should go and f*** yourself," reports rollingstone.com.

"It's his song, it's not my song ... I've written a bunch of songs I don't sing. If you like the way you look that much 'Oh, baby you should go and f*** yourself'. Hearing Rihanna come in with a bit of that swag ... And Rihanna could get away with saying, 'you should go and f*** yourself', in my mind anyway," Sheeran said.