Earth Hour: India's journey so far

It is that time of the year again when the whole world unites by the idea of switching off lights by choice to observe Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) climate change activity. It is an event that aims to create awareness among people to take responsibility towards a sustainable future by switching the non-essential lights off.

WWF, which organizes the yearly event, aims to stop degradation of the Earth’s natural environment. It additionally focuses on building a future where people live in harmony with the environment.

Have a look at Earth Hour's remarkable journey in India so far-

2009- Brand Ambassador: Aamir Khan

5 million Indians across 58 cities showed their interests in the event by switching off their non-essential lights and saving approximately 1000MW power in one hour.

2010- Brand Ambassador: Abhishek Bachchan
Earth Hour observed a 40% increase in number of supporters. 7 million Indians across 128 cities took initiative for the event.

2011- Brand Ambassador: Vidya BalanThis was the year, when people were requested to go beyond the hour. People across 130 indian cities participated including 10 lakh students. The Rashtrapati Bhawan and Prime Minister's residence also turned off the lights to support the event.

2012- Brand Ambassador: Sachin Tendulkar and other regional celebrities
This year marked the highest on-ground participation, where in 150 Indian cities contributed to make the event successful.

2013- Brand Ambassador: Ajay Devgan and other regional celebrities
People got support from state governments and civic bodies. The Kerela State Electricity Board distributed 5,000 CLFs to 2,500 households in 5 economically backward colonies to encourage the residents. More than 6 Chief Ministers of States made public appeal and took part in the Earth Hour by switching off lights of residence and offices. This initiative resulted in a large scale participation of approximately 10 million people in 150 cities.

2014- Brand Ambassador- Arjun Kapoor and other regional celebrities
This event turned out to be even more successful as around 220 million people observed the Earth Hour. Apart from this, Lights4Stripes project was launched to prevent human-tiger conflict. Earth Hour apps were launched for Android and Windows users to help them make environment-friendly choices.

2015- Brand Ambassador- Arjun Kapoor and other regional celebrities
Earth Hour was celebrated by 4.1 million Indians. 800 young volunteers spread the message of Earth Hour around Delhi and NCR and made it a sucessful event. Monuments including India Gate, Red Fort, Howrah Bridge and other official buildings stood in darkness for an hour to observe the Earth Hour.


People of Delhi have taken up initiatives like 'Pedal for the Planet' to support the cause.