Durian fruit gives you these wonder results!

Durian fruit is an exotic fruit which is extensively grown in Malaysia, Thailand, Southern Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and many other Asian nations. Thailand has emerged as the biggest exporter of Durian fruit these days. The fruit has been widely consumed in the Southeastern Asia since the prehistoric era, Their popularity has also risen in the Western countries since 600 years back. Durian has some interesting relatives known as Okra, Hibiscus.

Durian fruit gives an amazing sweet and buttery taste which you will relish thoroughly. The seeds found in Durian fruit are round in shape and normally get discarded but they can be consumed without any problem.

The scientific name of Durian fruit is Durio zibethinus and it is also called as the king of all fruits. The name Durian is discovered from the Malay Indonesian language. Durian fruit bears striking resemblance with jackfruit. Durian plant can easily last for 80 to 150 years. Durian fruit possesses various advantages that can be summarised below as:

  1. Boost digestion: Durian has high amount of dietary fiber which is important for the normal functioning of various systems in your body and enhances your digestion system effectively. The presence of fiber in Durian fruits can help in stimulating the peristaltic motion and the secretion of digestive and gastric juices, further easing the entire process. It helps you deal with constipation and blockages in the intestines. The fruit can also take care of excessive bloating, heartburn, indigestion, and cramps. Durian fruits can also treat severe condition such as colorectal cancer significantly. The fibre available in durian helps in lowering the frequency of diarrhea for those suffering from loose stool;


  2. Sexual dysfunction: Research has indicated that durian fruits boost the sexual libido and stamina and bring down the possibilities of infertility in women and men. It also improves the sperm production;


  3. Better bone health: Durian has emerged as a great source of magnesium, copper, potassium and manganese. These elements play a vital role in improving your bone strength and bone health. The presence of potassium in Durian fruit can also enhance the effectiveness of nutrient uptake by the cells which benefits the bones in the long run. These important minerals can significantly prevent the development of osteoporosis commonly seen among middle-aged women.


  4. Healthy pregnancy: Durian fruits possesses folate which is an important nutrient for pregnant women and for those who want to conceive. It is highly important for regular tissue growth as well as it helps in protecting the fetus against brains and spine trouble.