Dry days are absurd: Pooja Bedi

Mumbai, Feb 21 (IANS) Actress Pooja Bedi wonders why voting days are dry days. She finds it absurd.

"Firstly they raise drinking age to 25. Then they make voting dry days. Does government think Indian citizens are hooligans and irresponsible? Dry days are absurd because it only hits the economy. People who want to drink will sit at home and drink anyway," Pooja tweeted on Tuesday.

"Funniest is dry day on counting and results! I'd say keep the counters sober... But now it's all electronic. And voting machines don't drink.

"I simply don't get this attitude of important and celebratory days being dry days. World over they keep 'specials' and 'happy hours'," she added as Mumbai voted to elect a new civic body.