Drunk driving: Suspend DL for 3m, rules Bombay HC

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Thursday asked the Maharashtra state government to direct the police and transport authorities to suspend driving licenses of persons against whom DUI cases are registered for 3 months.

A division bench of Justices Abhay Oka and Gautam Patel said that, "We find nothing to suggest that some quantity of alcohol in the blood can be considered 'safe',” adding that there was no fundamental right to drink, the Times of India reported.

The panel while observing that ‘too many lives had been lost’ due to ‘lethal cocktail’ directed the Centre to adopt a “zero tolerance policy” towards drunk driving and make necessary changes in the law.

While calling the present permissible limits as  ‘theoretical’, the panel noted that even minute impairment caused by alcohol intake could have disastrous consequences, the English daily wrote.

At present, alcohol levels exceeding 30 mg per 100mL of blood are liable to be charged under the Motor Vehicles Act. The Punishment includes fine up to Rs 8,000 and/or 3 decades in prison, depending on the alcohol levels in the body.

News24 Bureau