Driver of Amritsar's killer train details black Dussehra night..BIG NEWS, don't miss..VIDEO

New Delhi, Oct 21: The driver of the killer train of Amritsar has claimed that he had tried to save people and had applied emergencey brakes but still could not prevent the tragedy. He added that he also honked the horn to disperse the crowd on  track, but it went unheard due to crackers. He clarified that he did not stop the train as mob had started pelting stones on the train. Over 60 revellers watching Ravan Dahan were mowed down by the train on Dussehra."The moment the train reached Km No. - 503/11, train number 13006 DN crossed it. Suddenly, I saw a huge crowd of people on the tracks. I honked and immediately applied the emergency brakes. Despite applying the emergency brakes several number of people were mowed down by the train,"  the driver of the DMU train wrote in his statement.

He added that people were pelting stones so could not stop the train. "Keeping in mind the security of the passengers on board the train, I did not stop the train and stopped only after reaching the ASR station," driver said.In his statement, the drive gave the sequence of events before he applied emergency brakes. “Suddenly I saw a crowd of people near the track. I constantly sounded the horn as I immediately applied the emergency brake. Despite applying emergency brake, some people were run over by the train. The train was almost coming to a halt when a very large crowd started attacking the train by throwing stones. Considering the safety of my passengers, I proceeded with the train,” said driver's written statement.

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