Drink and drive may now cost you THIS much

Drink And Drive

New Delhi, June 26: Be cautious as the government is likely to set stiffer penalties for drivers not abiding the law.

The government will be introducing modifications in the Motor Vehicle Act which will include heavy fine and jail-for traffic violators.Now there will Rs 10,000 fine for drink driving and blocking way of emergency vehicles, including ambulance, fire brigade and PCRs among other things if the bill is introduced in the Parliament in the next few days.

Some road safety activists have been demanding some ramifications in the bill that was passed by the previous Lok Sabha. But later it was lapsed due to the dissolution of the House.

While some experts suggested the government to roll back provisions on transport- related issues and focus only on safety.

"There is no change in the bill except some grammatical corrections. It was examined by the Select Committee and was also passed in Lok Sabha. Since every lapsed bill must be approved afresh by the cabinet, so the procedure has been followed," sources told TOI.

The bill provides for a uniform driving licence and vehicle registration processes across states by setting up online national registers.

The bill also proposes giving compensation of up to Rs 10 lakh in case of hit-and-run cases.

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