Don't sleep on Mahashivratri, just meditate..know why

New  Delhi: Mahashivaratri is the day of Lord Shiva. He is the Lord of Meditation, and thus the Lord of Awakening. The meaning of Shiva Tatva is ‘to be awakened’.  Thus, by implication Mahashivratri is the day to get awakened, that is to awaken one from all kinds of slumber. Thus, on Mahashivratri one should not sleep, and try to be awake all night.

Be awake all night, as it signifies that you are aware of what of you have and you are grateful to the Lord for what you have, be it happiness or sadness. Happiness will take you forward in life, sadness makes you realise the depth of life.

It is said that power of meditation on Mahashivratri is 100 times more that on a normal day.