Don't miss..Kapil Sharma makes sensational revelations at Koffee with Karan!

New Delhi: Famous comedian, Kapil Sharma is all set to grace the couch this weekend and can be seen at his funniest best in the promo of the show.

The promo starts with Kapil asking Karan to switch over to Hindi as his English dictionary is limited to 700 words. Next, the comedian star talks about Twitter and tells Karan candidly that people write anything on it and that includes him. 

Referring to the controversy where Kapil tweeted to the Prime Minister about corruption prevalent in the system, Kapil then advised people not to drink and drive, and not to drink and tweet either.

Playing the Koffee quiz, Kapil is seen in a fix when Karan asks him to translate titles of English movies to Hindi. For Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kapil says there is no need to translate this one in a fun manner, and for Fault In Our Stars, he said, 'Shah Rukh Khan ki Galtiyan'.

The teaser promises fun and will surely be a major hit of the season!