Don't Miss..Here's 2017 wedding trends for you!

New Delhi, Sep 21: Every bride has a personality of her own, which reflects in their style and look so this wedding season, take inspiration from some of the classic timeless looks that takes its inspiration from nawab style to earthiness meets glamour.

Lakmé makeup experts Donald Simrock and Sandhya Shekhar bring you the best looks that are ideal for brides of all types.

* Look 1: The Timeless bride
This classic look is inspired by the nawab-style. Use of colors like rust orange, bronze and gold dust around the eye, a strong blush placement and cherry lips give this look a very chic complete finish.

* Get the look-
* Prep it up: Start by moisturizing and nourishing your skin
* Get the base right: Even your skin using a dewy foundation. Highlight the cheek bones using a bronzer and add depth to the look with strokes of bronzing.
* Shimmer it right: Add more hints of gold using a highlighter or a shimmer brick
* Pop the lip: For the lips, opt for a matte shade like the coral or wine colour

* Look 2: The Classic bride
* This look is the perfect blend of earthiness and glamour, playing with copper tones, while keeping the feel very fresh and natural

* Get the look-
* Prep it up: Start by moisturizing and nourishing your skin with an oil-in-crème
* Ace the base: Even your skin and use a highlighter to contour the cheekbones to give it a beautiful sheen
* Dreamy eyes: For the eyelids, use a mix of pink, orange and brown hues to give them a dreamy feel
* Pout out loud: For the lips, use a plum shade to make them pop

* Look 3: The Contemporary bride
* This look is a new interpretation of the coloured graphic liner, focusing on a statement eye which flaunts a bold metallic purple

* Get the look-
* Prep it up: Start by moisturizing and nourishing your skin with an oil-in-crème
* Base it up: Even your skin using a dewy foundation and add a touch of a good highlighter
* Eyes say it all: Use a bright coloured eyeshadow with a metallic or silver undertone to recreate the eyes. Use a purple shade to give them an edgy style.
* Chic lip: For the lips, use a light pink shade like 'Silky Blush'.

Also Sangeeta Velaskar, Vice President and Head, Medical Services and R&D, Kaya helps you decode skin care and will have you glowing and ready for your big day.

* Tips for oily skin: Use a gentle face scrub twice a week, at least. Use a light, water-based lotion, day and night. Hydrating masks, such as seaweed or aloe vera need to be incorporated into your routine at least twice a week

* Tips for dry skin: Dry flaky sin also has its issues. Use a creamy cleanser. Use cream-based face scrubs with AHAs. Use a thick moisturiser or sleep mask before you head to bed.

* Tips for combination skin: The most challenging is the combination skin because you must fight oiliness and dryness, both. Pamper your skin with a mud face pack once a week. Every alternate day indulge in a cream massage. Use natural exfoliating scrubs, such as a walnut-orange peel scrub.