Don't miss..Find your Valentine with these top 5 Apps

New Delhi: Are you tired of being single? Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for singletons especially when your friends are all tied-up having meals and enjoying their night out. 

It is one of the time when every restaurant and cafe is full of couples lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes while most lonely single people feel sad but enjoy their favourite desserts.

However, there are various ways for those single's to not stay alone on Valentine’s Day. Taking your parents or friends out for lunch, dinner or coffee dates is one option that most of us have been looking for, however, in this new age era, there is an option of turning to online dating and get help from the love cupid!

Although Valentine’s Day is falling on a weekday, helping people not to stay alone on a huge scale, it is still the best time to go out on dinner dates and there are various sources to find them!

While we have all heard of the online dating Tinder, the dating apps have upgraded them with many more options that can come in handy at these times. Here is a list of the best dating apps that you can choose from!


One of the more common apps of the past year or so, is Tinder. You have probably heard of it before because celebrities were using it a lot in 2014 which sparked mass interest in the app.The Tinder app helps you connect with potential partners by offering you a variety of personal profiles on your Smartphone. Tinder users swipe through potential matches on their Smartphone’s touch screen and mark each candidate as either a match or a pass.If both parties agree on a match, they can then begin chatting via the Tinder app. In-person meetings can be arranged or flirting can continue on a digital-only basis. If you’re shy about jumping into the dating scene in real life, Tinder might help you get comfortable via a little digital flirting.

Truly Madly

While Tinder was developed in the west, Truly Madly is India’s very own dating app. This app mainly focuses on your likes and interests to find the perfect match for you. The app allows you to keep your images safe with a unique setting and is also helpful in giving reliable dates, mainly due to its option of endorsing friends. This feature allows you to endorse your friend, which will help others to chat with them without any fear. The app encourages users to play certain exciting games with their matches, such as Styletastic, Foodie Funda, Hocus Pocus, etc. to help them get to know each other in a better and more engaging manner.


This dating app is slightly more reliable than Tinder. While Tinder helps you meet people irrespective of your friend circle, Hinge connects you to people you have common friends with. This limits your option but is comparatively more secure. The app also has a time frame within which you need to connect with you match. The match is automatically removed if you simply do not connect to chat with them!

OK Cupid

OKCupid is a dating app which takes your sexual orientation into consideration. The app matches you based on your likes and interests and also takes into account the distance between two people. The paid version of the app is known as A-List, which offers some excellent features such as viewing your profile visitors, and the people who liked you.


If downloading a dating app to find someone for Valentine’s seems too much work for you, India’s own messaging app, Hike can come to your rescue! You can simply go to the services section of hike and select matchup! The dating app part of Hike requires a separate Match Up profile, wherein you can feed your interest in guys or girls. You can use ‘Explore’ feature for finding a match; it has a simple interface. Just open MatchUp and browse through a list of profiles, where you will see two options “like”&”skip”. Once you like a profile, if they like you back, the app with let you chat!