Don't miss..Brides are sold in this market four times a year

New Delhi: Usually people visit market to purchase their basic needs such as food, clothing etc. But can you imagine of buying a bride in a market? Yes, you read that right, a place name Stara Zagora in Bulgaria where Bride market is decorated.

At this Bridal market, teenage girls are sold for hundreds of dollars. This happens four times a year where the girls from almost all cities in the world can participate in the 'bride market'. The girls on sale have to virgins and in case they are not, then they would be called out by the name of  whores and sluts.

The girls mostly belong to the low-financial families and boys come from well-being families who are seeking a wife. These people dance, flirt and interact with each other in the market until they find the 'one'. The price of the bride may vary from anything between Rs 1.86 lakh to Rs 3.72 lakh depending on the merits and beauty of the bride.

The girls are dressed in short dresses with lots of makeup and are mostly school drop-outs and are too young to be married. The origin of the traditions dates back to generations.