Don’t Miss: Why AAP lost and why BJP won, read to know

New Delhi: The MCD elections have been a real shocker for the AAP, which had won the Delhi Assembly elections with a record margin. And on the other hand, BJP, as expected, continues to be on a winning spree riding high on the Modi Magic wave. We bring you the reasons what could have been the possible reasons of the thumping victory of the BJP and the humiliating defeat of the AAP:

Reasons for BJP’s victory:

  • Undoubtedly the Modi Magic continues for the BJP. And the party knows this very well and therefore they ensure to make the most of Brand Modi.
  • Amit Shah’s astute political sense has had a very major role to play. No one else can ensure the perfect strategies and plans with which he comes out every time. And they make him a winner all the way.
  • BJP did a right thing by dumping the sitting councillors. By this, they gave the message to the public that they are in a punitive mood and laxity towards work will not be tolerated.
  • The Poorvanchal factor was rightly identified by the BJP. While AAP had cultivated with pain was benefits were reaped by the BJP> Manoj Tiwari was the right choice.
  • The BJP canvassing was very smart. It diverted the voters’ mind from the non-performance of the BJP councillors in last ten years to the Modi Magic factor.  

And this is why AAP lost:

  • AAP had recently lost in Punjab and was virtually routed from Goa. Then Delhi’s Rajori Garden by-election, its candidate lost even his deposit. The voters were made to believe that AAP is just a loser now.
  • Everyone was fed up of his complaining attitude. His sarcastic remarks on the system, on Modi were not digested by the public. He was seen as a fighting cock who does not know how to adjust in the system and get the work done.
  • Instead of concentrating on good governance in Delhi it planned to spread its wing in other states.
  • People of Delhi felt cheated by AAP as it did not keep its promise, at least most of them. The middle class which voted for him in the assembly polls alienated from him this time.
  • He was seen shouting at top of his voice ‘Jo Kaha So Kiya’ but the people were confused as to what actually has he done. Safety issues, Dengue, Chikengunea…the list was long and is growing.
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