Don't miss this 2-Day training programme to earn big with Social Media

New Delhi, Dec 5: Here is a wonderful news for all youngsters who have a knack for social media. Make this your career and earn big by doing this 2-day course.

If you want to earn big sitting at home then News24 comes to your rescue in the best possible way. News24 will tell you how to earn big from Social Media, Online Crowd Funding and e Commerce. News24 along with Digital and Social Media Research Associates (DSMRA) is organizing this training session. This training programme will take place on 16th and 17th December (Saturday and Sunday).

Many among you must be active on Facebook and Google to remain connected with your friends o to hav an access to some information. Wouldn't’t it be great if your also earn while you learn? It is interesting to know that you can earn real well through Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. This can be a full time engagement or a part time engagement, but you can earn big with a negligible investment.

But how is this possible? We will tell you.

According to latest reports and findings in 2018 nearly 2 lakh people will get jobs in social media marketing.

How will you earn?

All companies, big and small are now relying on social media for advertisement. The simple reason is that millions of people are spending time on social media and here lies the opportunity. Ads pop up in between and one can make a decent earning thus. The trick is how to place these ads intelligently in between the content. This knowledge will be imparted in the course. And this is how you can make a career out of this.

What will be the course content like?

In th training you will be taught how to earn through social media marketing. How to start e commerce, earn money from online crowd-funding, start your own YouTube channel and then earn from that, earning through Google AdSense, Facebook, Blogs, WhatsApp marketing , B2B LinkedIn Networking Tips, Viral Marketing, Google AdWords, Instagram, Pinterest, Daily Motion, introduction of Sound Cloud and above all how to earn from home.

Who all can take this training?

People from all walks of life, across all age-groups, students, businessman, entrepreneurs; everyone can avail training. The fee is Rs 7000. The programme includes training; News24 Entrepreneurship Development Programme on Social Media Marketing certificate and some study material will b given. Along with this you will also gt a hand-holding support of six months. If you have any doubt in this period, we will be there to help you. SO don’t miss this opportunity.

If you want this training then here are the details: