Don't miss: Big B tells you what is new in KBC 9

New Delhi: It is not without reason that each season of Kaun Banega Crorepati is a commercial success.Not just that, it clicks well with the fans all across the world. The reason is that each season is unique and has something interesting to offer. We will tell you the new features of KBC 11, which promises to be more suave, stylish and tech savvy. The punch-line in his baritone voice 'Lock Kiya Jai' may be the same, but much has changed:

-There are new elements with lots of technology at play. -In phone a friend now there will be a video call.  -There will be no  expert advice and a new lifeline jodidaar will be there. Any friend of the contestant will accompany him to the show. -Ninth season will be a pacier version and more questions will be asked. -After crossing the one crore mark, the contestant will be given an option to try and win seven crores with a jackpot question. If they choose to go ahead, they would be stripped of their lifelines, and it would be mandatory for them to answer the question. It would be a risky move, for if they give a wrong answer, their prize money would drop down to a certain level.