Don't like talking about myself, PR machinery: Irrfan

Mumbai:Actor Irrfan Khan says that he doesn't believe in the PR machinery of continuously publishing news about oneself, as he does not like to talk about himself. "I don't like talking about myself. I don't believe in this whole thing of PR machinery. You keep PR machinery so that no false news of yours is published, to control that. Several times it happens that anyone publishes anything, so if you have your PR, you can talk with them. "To survive just on the basis of continuously publishing news about yourself and building your career on that, I have not learned that and I don't want it either," Irrfan said at the unveiling of a Stardust magazine cover featuring him. Asked if his recent visits to the leading news channels for his film "Madaari" was not PR, he said: "That is for the film; I have to do it. I am searching for means so that I don't have to do it. If I had my way, at a point I will just announce the film and disappear; that is what I want ideally. "But it has become essential to tell people that the film is coming up. It does not mean that because I don't like PR, I would just do the film and then allow it to fail." Irrfan was also involved in the production decisions of "Madaari", with his wife Sutapa Sikdar being credited as one of the producers. "In the marketing, now that we are producer, I had certain ideas, otherwise when other actors are involved and you have nothing to do with the production, then you do what the producer says about marketing. And marketing sometimes becomes very boring, you don't even know if it's effective or not and you keep doing it. You have formula of going to places. So in this film, we had our say in marketing," he said. Irrfan met politicians like Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad for the promotions. About the innovative idea, he said: "We should keep on thinking out of the box and not be caged in the formula. But these things like talking to politicians was just an extension of what the film was trying to do, as it was trying to comment on the system." Irrfan will also be seen in the Hollywood film "Inferno" this year.