Don't let robots win over your kids

Words: Sakshi Joshi (Anchor/Spl correspondent)

New Delhi: Most of us would go to any extent only to fulfil our child's desires. Of all the wishes, the first thing a child demands from his parents these days is a smartphone. And we being under guilt of not spending valuable time with them, immediately agree to their demands. Without even thinking of its pros and cons. We hardly look into the nitty-gritty of his age and misuse of such gadgets. Our child is an apple of our eye. So we give him whatever he wants as it's the easiest way to bribe him for loving us. But someone rightly said, money can't buy happiness.

So why do we get hurt when we find him not noticing our presence? Why do we feel bad when he ignores us and hardly bothers to even wish us when we come back from work? Why do we get upset when he rarely cares about his mother's illness? How will he notice what's happening around him? He hardly looks up as he is all the time hooked on to his 'smartphone' which was given by none other than us!

It's not that every parent does this. I have come across such parents too who are extremely strict about not giving phones to their minor kids. But when they have some work for the child, he places a condition of allowing him to play on their Phone for half and hour in lieu of it.

Are we forcing our children towards the world of technology where they become robots without emotions! Is technology so important today that we relate everything with it! Is only smartphone to be blamed or us who don't give quality time to our kids?

Recently, the Pope urged teenagers not to look for happiness in their phones. It comes with family, friends and people around. Where have games like Ludo, Snakes and ladders, Chess, scrabble, carom disappeared where whole family sat down to play together. These games are not just about the dice, striker or pawns, they carry bond of love and togetherness. These games are available in the shops even today and they don't carry much cost with them, but the pleasure they give is immense. We must leave our phones aside too and give importance to such family centric games. Make a world where your child must put a condition of playing Ludo with him for half and hour if he does what u want. Let him crave for board games with family rather than smartphones. Don't let robots win over our children.