Don't celebrate if you get this free offer WhatsApp message

New Delhi, May 16: Fake messages are a dime a dozen on social media these days. The historic fourth Indian Premier League (IPL) title win by Mumbai Indians also gave rise to one such instance of mischief on popular messaging platform WhatsApp.

Ever since Mumbai Indians' feat on Sunday night, a message, purpotedly from Reliance Jio, is circulating on WhatsApp asking receivers for their name and Jio mobile number. In return, the message promises a free recharge worth Rs 399.

According to the message, the free recharge is part of an celebrate Mumbai Indians' fourth IPL triumph. It adds that 20,000 Jio users will be offered this gift.

But don't be fooled. There is no free recharge waiting for you.

The .xyz domain mentioned in the WhatsApp message usually have shady ratings, indicating suspicious site, spam site and scam site. They are usually websites containing junk content associated with SEO or are adult content sites that display Google adsense ads.

If you click on the lick provided in the message, you will be directed to a page which has a banner of the Mumbai Indians team along with two more buttons.

The first asks you to share the link of the page with 10 of your friends or 10 groups on WhatsApp and the other says 'recharge' in Hindi. 

 The back button on this page also does not work. You can only exit if you close the page.

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Photo: Google Image