Donald Trump's Speech garners much criticism

 Trump's words at rallies and campaigns have majorly been on a “trust me” basis. He neither has a record in public office nor does he have any policy-making experience to back his promises. Therefore, the American public, does not have much to judge him and take his performance forward.

Thus his nomination acceptance speech, delivered Thursday night in Cleveland, was the biggest, most important speech he would have given to date. As usual, it garnered huge negative responses from much of the rest of the world on Friday, with some labelling it as a horror story.

Trump, mainly focused on “Americanism” versus the world, or rather China. Painting a “sorry” picture of America, of a country under seige, battling illegal immigrants, terrorism, financial instability and crime.

Once he claimed that , "I will present the facts plainly and honestly. The question was, did he? Viewers came across tons of factual claims in the speech, and fewer than half proved to be true. There were plenty of falsehoods, misleading or disputed claims, or baseless accusations. It was, basically America against the world. Which, is not either a progressive or a positive approach for an ailing country as he claims it to be.