Donald Trump to give biggest speech of his life

Cleveland: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will soon deliver a speech of his lifetime when he accepts the Republican nomination at the Day 4 of the Republican National Convention (RNC) here. This week's Republican National Convention has seen drama ranging from the plagiarised speech his wife delivered and the way the campaign prolonged the episode to Ted Cruz's shocking address on Wednesday in which he refused to endorse Trump and encouraged Americans to vote their conscience, CNN reported. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump's former rival, was booed off the Republican top stage on Wednesday night after he withheld his endorsement of the New York billionaire as the nominee. "Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution," Ted Cruz said at the party's convention, instead of urging Republicans to rally behind Trump. The language, which echoed statements from the 'Never Trump' movement, triggered boos and chants of "Trump! Trump!" from the audience. Cruz left the stage putting on a brave face, wrapping up his remarks and thanking the audience while Trump entered the venue and gave his formal rival a thumbs-up, sarcastically venting his anger. On the final day of Cruz's campaign in May, he charged Trump with being "a pathological liar", "a narcissist" and "utterly immoral", the Guardian reported. So far the RNC has been all about heated attacks on Hillary Clinton. Trump has yet to show how he can appeal to the broader general election audience, particularly women, by proving that he would be a reliable president.