Doctors, oxygen supplier blamed for Gorakhpur deaths,DM submits report

Gorakhpur: The inquiry report on the deaths of children at BRD Medical College here has blamed the doctors for the incident. The report, prepared by the DM, was submitted to UP CM Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday. The DM has also blamed oxygen supplier Pushpa Sales in the report. However, DM has remained mum on whether cut in oxygen supply was responsible for deaths of kids or not.

The report, for the first time, also brought to light that accounts and records relating to purchase and refilling of oxygen cylinders were fudged. DM found overwriting  in the log book of oxygen records.

The report raises questions on the absence of the then principal Dr R K Mishra and anaesthesia department head Dr Satish Kumar from the college on August 10. The responsibility of maintenance of continuous oxygen flow to hospital wards was that of  Dr Kumar.

The DM’s report said that Dr Kumar never inspected the oxygen record books, while chief pharmacist Gajanan Jaiswal deliberately did not maintain the records of purchase of oxygen cylinders. "There are multiple instances of overwriting in the stock book of oxygen cylinder at the BRD hospital. Even the log book which is supposed to be maintained by Dr Satish Kumar never had any signature or thumb impressions," the report said while adding that fudging in records points to financial anomalies.

On August 10 and August 11, 30 children had died in 48 hours at the BRD Medical College. Allegedly due to cut in supply of oxygen