Do you want to know why Katappa killed Baahubali? Read it here

New Delhi: Bahubaali: The Conclusion is certainly the most awaited film at least in last few decades. And the reason for this breathless wait is just one: Why Katappa killed Bahubali? Why the child he looked after was killed when he became a man by his most loved caretaker himself. 

Ask this to S S Rajamouli and the ace director just smiles as he feels that this curiosity will bring the viewers to the theater. He has been asked this question everywhere he goes and this is what he told at the Facebook office in Hyderabad where he was with his team to promote the film: “Many came close to cracking it (question) but no one has exactly figured out the real reason. The point is not about why he killed Baahubali. It is all about all the points that lead to that moment and what happens next.”

 Well the wait is over, the film is releasing and see how close is this answer to the riddle.