Digital medium is even stronger than films: Baba Sehgal

New Delhi, March 28 (IANS) Singer-actor Baba Sehgal, who created a sensation with his rap songs in the 1990s, is back with the genre for a digital campaign and feels that the medium has a greater power than films for making someone a star.

"Films are different media altogether and earlier it was film and Television and now digital media. Infact I feel it's much stronger than films as movies depends on digital campaign for marketing and everything and promotions so I think digital media is much bigger. Anybody can be star if the Content is good. 

"There is scope for every young actor who wants to be anyone. I think if you are good surfer of net, you can do wonders in your life," Sehgal told IANS on the phone from Mumbai.

The rapper has associated with fast-food chain KFC has created a Chilli Chizza Rap in his style. The video was launched on Tuesday, here.

Adding another leg to the campaign, Sehgal will tag his friends from the industry to take up the #ChizzaRapChallenge - where each one taking the challenge has to share their video on social media rapping two-three lines and tagging five other friends to take the challenge.

On the film front, he will next seen doing a cameo in Yash Raj Films "Bank Chor" and he said that he got this project through digital medium only.

"We are shooting the title song of Yash Raj Films 'Bank Chor' and I got this project on the basis of digital media only . I hope that people will like it," he said.

Talking about the current trend of Rap songs in Bollywood films, he said "its not rap at all"

"Bollywood has no rap. I feel that singing few lines in a film song and makers promoting it, doesn't make it a rap song. Rap means rhythm and poetry and it has definite beginning and end. We are passionate rappers and I do lot of both comedy stuff serious stuff as well.

"I feel doing a song on alcohol, women and many other things is not rap, this is just like gimmick. These people are enjoying and as a producer, you are misleading the younger generation that this rap," he said.