Did Shabana Azmi make fun of Hindu gods and Kangana Ranaut then gave a befitting reply?

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, April 11: An old post of Shabana Azmi is doing the rounds on social media. the post is one year old, but the veteran star says that she never posted the same.A leading website after cross-checking the facts found that the post was indeed posted by Shabana.The post quotes Shabana Azmi making an insulting remark on Hindu goddesses.“This Navratri, I pray to Allah that Lakshmi doesn’t have to beg for money, Durga doesn’t get aborted, Parvati doesn’t have to pay dowry, Saraswati doesn’t end up being an illiterate without schooling and Kali doesn't need 'Fair and Lovely cream."

The quote is placed on a graphics card and Shabana's picture is juxtaposed next to the quote.The last line reads, " WIll Azmi ever speak on Triple Talaq, Nikah-Halala, Burqa, polygamy, and population explosion?To this the veteran actress tweeted, I have never said this. it is disgusting what trolls will stoop to polarize and communalize an already charged atmosphere. i work for all women irrespective of their religion."After this as a response to Shabana Azmi's quote, a fake quote has been attributed to Kangana Ranaut:"This Eid, let us pray that no Aisha is married off at the age of 6, No Shah Bano is given Triple Talaq, No Meena Kumari has to undergo Halala, No Fatima becomes the fourth wife, No Shehla has to wear the burqa, No Ishrat becomes terrorist and no Mumtaz has to give birth to 14 children."