Did Sai Baba image appear on a wall in Shirdi's Dwarkamai? Devotees overwhelmed!

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, July 12: Many Sai Baba devotees claim a miracle as they saw a faint image of Sai Baba on the walls of Shirdi temple's Dwarkamai. 

As the devotees attended the evening aarti, many claimed that after that they indeed saw a faint image of their loving Baba emerges on the walls of Shiridi's Dwarkamai.

The reports suggest that the incident took place when special prayers ('aarti') were being held on Thursday night around 11.30 PM. The devotees claimed that the faint image of Baba was smiling as He looked lovingly towards his devotees. 

In just minutes, the news spread like fire and hundreds of devotees thronged the place but only a handful of lucky ones could see that as after some time the figure disappeared.

On earlier occasions also such miracles have been said to have appeared in the pious Shirdi temple.

The Shirdi temple is one of the richest temples of India and lakhs and lakhs of devotees visit the place.