Did PM Modi compare Congress MP to Ravana's sister Shurpanaka?

New Delhi, Feb 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made MPs laugh their heart out in Rajya Sabha with his loaded jibe at Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury. After the jibe Renuka, who was laughing at PM till then, was stunned into silence

While PM Modi was speaking in Rajya Sabha, Renuka was contnuously talking and laughing. Her behaviour irked RS Chairman Venkaiah Naidu and he stopped the PM for a while and admonished Renuka.  "What happened to you," Naidu asked Renuka, warning her that "unruly behavior and loose talk" would not be tolerated. 

But Renuka continued to laugh even after warning. It was then that PM interefered, and in his charateristic style asked Naidu mot sto stop Renuka.  "Sabhapati ji meri aapse vinti hai Renuka ji ko kuch mat kahiye. Ramayan serial ke baad aisi hansi sunne ka saubhagya aaj jaake mila hai (I request you to let Renuka ji continue. After the Ramayan serial, we got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter only today," PM said, and in seconds the BJP MPs and ministers burst into laughter.

Soon after the jibe, Twitter was on fire with a lot of Twitterati said that Renuka's laugh was similar to Ravana's sister Shurpanaka in the 1986 television serial Ramayana made by Ramanand Sagar. 

No wonder, Renuka took string objection to the PM's jibe. "What more can you expect from him? It is established that the BJP is against women. When I laughed, it hurt because it was the laughter of truth," Renuka told media outside the house.