Did Latur receive water after cancellation of IPL 9 matches in Maharashtra, asks Nitin Gadkari

New Delhi: In the first session of News24 Conclave marking two years of Modi governance, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari questioned whether drought-struck Latur received water after the Court ordered cancellation of IPL matches in Maharashtra.


“I don’t want to question the Court’s verdict,” said Gadkari referring to the order shifting  matches of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) out of Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur in drought-hit Maharashtra after April 30. “But, did water reach Latur after cancellation of matches in the state? Had there been match in Maharashtra, a revenue of about 100-200 crore could have been generated, which would have utilised for providing water in Latur.”


Suggesting a clear demarcation into the powers of democratic pillars of the Constitution, Gadkari said, “The Parliament’s function is to frame laws, Court to interpret, Executive to implement, and Media to analyze. If the Court encroaches upon our legislative function and declares everything unconstitutional, a problem shall arise — co-operation, coordination and communication is a vital aspect.”


When questioned whether Prime Minister Modi is outperforming the government, Gadkari said that every minister in the Central government is accountable — all he needs is proper managerial skill and vision. “Our Prime Minister listens to every minister and is open to suggestions.”


Meanwhile, Gadkari didn’t miss out to attack its rival party Congress. Taking jibe at the more than century-and-a-half year old party, Gadkari said that BJP is a ‘co-operative party’: we ask 10 people before taking a decision. However, Congress is a private party: ‘a pita-putra ki party’, where the decisions are restricted in hands of few.

Reported and Edited by: Mayank Mohanti

News24 Bureau