Dia Mirza 'dissatisfied' with scripts being offered to her

Mumbai: Dia Mirza is not so active any more as an actress. She says she is not happy with the sort of scripts that are coming her way and is, therefore, busy producing the movies she believes in. Dia told IANS: "As a producer, I am very excited about some of the scripts that have come our way and we are looking forward to making these films. As an actor, I am dissatisfied. "But I am grateful that instead of moping about the lack of good opportunities to be in good films, I create opportunities by making the films I believe in." Dia believes there is a need for India to have more theatres as she feels the lack of screens is a threat to the country's film industry. "Our biggest threat is the taxation policy as well as the lack of a sufficient number of movie screens. Both the issues need to be addressed urgently. "The economics of making and releasing a film are getting increasingly difficult, add to that the advent of access to digital content, and at large, producers/studios have their work cut out for them," said the former beauty queen. However, Dia is happy with growth in acceptance of regional cinema as well as English cinema in India. "As long as the screen count increases and better policies are ushered in for the movie industry, we will be able to celebrate the success of all stories that are well-told, irrespective of language," she said.