Dhoni LOVES Vande Mataram!


New Delhi, Nov 18: If you have seen the 2011 cricket world cup final then you must have seen the iconic six that MS Dhoni hit off the second ball of Nuwan Kulasekara which made India second time champion of the 50 overs format game after 28 years. That six of Dhoni's bat will always be cherished as a special moment in Indian cricket.

But there was another moment in the game which made Dhoni feel very special at the Wankhede Stadium, in front of the home crowd and it was revealed in an interview by Dhoni himself.

The best moment for MS Dhoni from the match was just 4-5 overs before that iconic six when crowd in the stadium was on their feet and started singing Vande Mataram knowing that the team will lift the trophy.

Expressing his feeling he also wished that India must go on to win many more world cup and give another chance to their fans to cherish that unexplainable feeling again.