Dhoni LOVES big sixes..MSD tells you how and why he hits bowlers hard

Mumbai, Nov 16: How Mahendra Singh Dhoni manages to hit massive sixes, some of which seem to travel miles? This is a question which haunts Dhoni and cricket fans. Well, the man himself has decided to tell you the secret. While sharing the sectret mantra MSD also said that as a young cricketer his sixes were even bigger.  

Even today, if connects a ball it goes in the stands, though the connection rate has gone down now. Dhoni said the reason he decided to hit towering sixes was to prove a point to the senior bowlers as he used to be the youngest player in the colony and did not want to get bogged down by the seniors. “We lived in a colony and were only two or three of us that were of the same age group, the other children were at least five or six years older to us,” Dhoni is quoted as saying in an interview. “Maybe that is one of the reasons that I play cricket well because I have always played cricket with people who were older than me, which meant that they had more power and they understood the game better. Playing with them made me better," he added.

While interacting with a child citizen journalist, MSD said that the 2011 World Cup win is still his best cricket moment. “The 2011 World Cup, winning in India at the Wankhede Stadium, in front of the home crowd, was something that was really amazing and I think the whole process was good,” Dhoni said. He added, “But that exact point, you know, maybe four or five overs before we won the game, when the whole stadium and the spectators knew that we were going to win the game… that was the time when they started chanting, ‘Vande Mataram’ and all the other songs, that was the moment. We knew from that point that we will win the game. That whole atmosphere has never been recreated, but hopefully someday, I will be able to witness it again.”