Delhi: Parents object to opening of mohalla clinics in govt schools

New Delhi: Objecting to AAP government's proposal of opening mohalla clinics in over 300 government schools, parents in the national capital have approached Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urging him to reconsider the decision.

"How can you permit outsiders in school during school hours? If clinic is exclusively for school students, it is welcome. But if it for general public, opening of such clinics within school premises is not permissible in law," All India Parents Association said in a letter to the CM.

The AAP government had recently announced that it is considering opening mohalla clinics in as many as 300 government schools which shall be open to general public.

"We have serious objection to that. If it is done, it would not only be against the students' interest but also violate High Court orders attracting initiation of contempt proceedings against you," the letter said.

In 2002, the Delhi High Court had directed a MCD school in Bawana area remove the dispensary from its premises as it led to the entry of outsiders in the school, which disturbed the students.

"Moreover, the dispensary employees used to throw medical waste, including used syringes, in the playground which were picked up by the school children putting their lives in danger.The High Court held that the school premises cannot be allowed to be used for opening a dispensary that is open to outsiders," AIPA said.

In a bid to decongest government hospitals and make healthcare accessible to all, Delhi government has adopted a "three-tier public health roadmap".