Delhi Hospital treats infant with congenitally malformed kidney

New Delhi: A one-year-old infant suffering from a congenitally malformed kidney was given a new lease of life after a complex surgery at a hospital here. Baby Vanshikha was brought to Fortis Hospital with a large palpable mass in the left region of her abdomen. Her liver function was deranged and the left kidney's surrounding structures were enhanced.  Clots were increasing in size and getting extended up to the infant's heart through the inferior vena cava -- the biggest vein running at the back of the right side of the heart.  With a congenitally malformed kidney, the only option that seemed to be best was removal of the organ, the doctors said. During the three-hour surgery, doctors were presented with significant challenges. “The surgical treatment presented challenges not only because the child was so young, but also because we did not want any blood loss,” said Rajinder Yadav, Director (Urology & Kidney Transplant), Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. In a rare incidence of such cases, the heart function of the infant was shifted to a machine so that it could perform normally during the surgical procedure. Additionally, the right kidney also had to be clamped to ensure minimal blood loss. “With minimal blood loss, we were able to treat this young child and she is fit now,” Yadav added. “We are grateful to the doctors for detecting the problem and treating it timely. Any delay could have resulted in the loss of our child without knowing the cause,” the infant's parents said.