Delhi govt mulling online admissions

New Delhi: While asserting that the government had no intention of “interfering” with the daily affairs of the schools, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government will “think” about online admissions on 75 percent open seats in the next year.

“We will think about online admissions on 75 per cent open seats in the next year," he said in reply to a suggestion by one of the parents,” he said.

“The Delhi government has made school admissions totally transparent. Scrapping management quota, which were used to oblige recommendations of politicians, government functionaries and powerful people, has opened nearly 50 per cent extra seats for common man," Mr. Kejriwal said.

Replying to complaints and suggestions of parents seeking admissions for their children, the Delhi CM said that the management quota and 62 criteria for admissions were scrapped, as they were not "reasonable, fair and transparent,” while adding that the admissions on 25 per cent seats under EWS quota were also riddled with irregularities. Hence, the government made the process online.

"We believed in schools and allowed them to upload their admission criteria by December 31. But some of the schools betrayed our faith and reserved up to 75 per cent seats through these criteria and various quota like alumni and sibling quota.”

“Now, the schools will not have their say in it. Those who will not follow guidelines and rules will be derecognized,” he said.

News24 Bureau