Delhi airport check spells trouble for Argentine Indian project

New Delhi: The team of "Thinking of Him", an Argentine Indian co-production, may have to suffer financial loss after their upcoming movie's negative film was stopped at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here. On Tuesday, a luggage containing the negative film was stopped as the security guards at the airport thought it had "suspicious metal". "They (security) kept our luggage. They are not technically qualified to open it. Once the negative gets exposed to sunlight, it will get destroyed. It happened yesterday (Tuesday) morning. When we reached Kolkata, we realised that our stuff was in Delhi airport. We got our bag yesterday night. We still have to check whether it is okay or not because the bag has been opened," the film's co-producer Suraj Kumar told IANS. "Thinking of Him", a joint project of Johnsons-Suraj Films International, India and Caesar Production, Argentina, stars veteran actor Victor Banerjee, Raima Sen, Argentine actor Hector Bordoni and Eleonora Wexner. The team, including the technical team from Argentina, flew from here to Kolkata to shoot the film in Shantiniketan, Kolkata and Sunderbans. "If all goes well, the shooting will begin from September 5. The film negative came from Argentina. It has been specially manufactured for us. The stock isn't available in India. If it's ruined, we will not be able continue our shooting. There will be financial loss. It will take another month to get a new stock," Suraj Kumar said. "We have a 120-member crew and the stock itself costs about Rs 50 lakh," he added about the film, to be helmed by Argentine filmmaker Pablo Cesar. To be made at a budget of Rs 45 crore, the film is also due to be shot in Argentina and Paris. "After India, we plan to shoot in Argentina from October 15 and then in Paris. We plan to release it in July or August next year. But if the shooting gets pushed, every plan will be extended. We won't be able to participate in major film festivals, including Cannes. We wanted to have our first cut in March," said Suraj Kumar. The film is a tale of great scholar Rabindranath Tagore and Victoria, a woman whose impact made a drastic change in Tagore's life.