Deepika Stuns in Distintive Outfits for Padmavati Promotions


Just as the regal and sanguine queen she portrays in Padmavati, Deepika Padukone continued with the same colours and textures to create a similar vibe for the promotions. 


Here are two superhit outfits from the promotions: 



* For the first look: Deepika Chose a Prabal Gurung jumpsuit of sorts with a wide-maroon belt. The colors matched the colors of her outfits in the movie - so maintaining the continuity and thus the curiosity, also the fluidity of the ancient ghaghras were paralleled in the sleeves of the top and the flares in the pants. 



* For the second Outfit: A coral silk dress by Bibhu Mohapatra. Again, maintaining continuity with the silk silhouette, flowy sleeves and tight bodice is reminiscent of the ethnic and regal qualities of the royal garbs. Deepika's nailed it again.