Deepika is spying on Ranveer's phone

New Delhi, Oct 21: Karan Johar's show has become a platform where fans witness their favourite celebrities making big revelations about their personal lives. And, the show has emerged quite popular as no one wants to miss the crucial details of their favourite celebs. 

Now Deepika Padukone has given a sneak peek into her life and relationship with rumoured boyfriend Ranveer Singh on Koffee with Karan. Deepika is scheduled to be featured with Alia Bhatt on Karan Johar's popular chat show. Deepika divulged on the show that rumoured beau Ranveer hardly keeps any secret from her and the extent of openness between them is such that he even shows her the private text chat with Karan Johar. 

It appears that Ranveer is a darling boyfriend that any girl would love to have.  Deepika and Ranveer believe in maintaining a no-secrets relationship, the actor revealed on the Star World show.

Recently, the rumoured lovebirds tactfully dodged and laughed away questions surrounding their wedding at a summit here on Friday, quipping how they have been engaged and married several times according to media reports.Rumours are rife that the two would tie the knot in November at some foreign location, and preparations are in full swing. The powerhouse couple made a joint appearance at the 16th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here when they were asked point blank: "When is the wedding?"Ranveer took the first plunge to address the question, and said in his inimitable style: "When, where, you are reading that everyday in the news. My sherwani's colour, the wedding itinerary, the gifts that guests are going to give... Everything is decided. So you know all about it."Our very enthusiastic friends in the media are not holding back and yeah, it's all out there. But when there is something, you all will be the first to know."Just when he dodged the query, Deepika was asked in a straightforward way: "Was there a November wedding which has now been pushed to early next year?"

Deepika, who looked resplendent in a sari, said: "There were many November weddings... By the way, we have as per the media, been married several times."Ranveer promptly added: "What all has not happened in our lives. We have been engaged multiple times, and this has been written about with such details that I find it very fascinating... Such creative writing that someone can write a script."